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An Introduction

Lord Of The Board

Like many of you I grew up with board games in my house: Life, Monopoly, Clue, Operation.  My brothers and I dabbled in some dice rolling, and I made the odd purchase of Boardwalk and Park Place, but it was never really a past time that grabbed my attention.  In my early twenties I stumbled upon a game called Carcassonne, a tile based game named after a fortress in France.  It was unlike any game I had ever played before.  There was very little chance involved, no predetermined path to follow, and no set square marking the “End” of play.  Carcassonne was my first real introduction to the wonderful world of European-style board games. I tracked down a couple of FLGS specializing in this style of games and a new love and passion was born.

Names like Klaus Tuber and Rio Grande replaced names like Milton Bradley and Hasbro and suddenly I found myself with a plethora of new games I was eager to try out.

I began hosting game nights with my friends.  I would intently study the instructions of a game days before, learning the pieces and the board, and understanding the strategy of play.  Then on game night we would begin our journey trading resources for settlements, taking a train ride across Europe or following instructions as our space ship was attacked.  The mental stimulation and social interaction surpassed the level I had seen playing more traditional games.  Now all my friends are as hooked as I am, and we regularly meet up for a night of play.

It’s this passion for board games, and what they have to offer, that has inspired me to write this blog. I want to introduce those who are just discovering the vast world of board games, and those who may know about them already, to the games I have come to know and love.

Each game is a new adventure and I would like to invite you all to join me on a grand quest to become Lord of the Board.


One comment on “An Introduction

  1. Marnie Ramsdale
    May 1, 2012

    Great blog Justin! I assume your passion for board games (or any game/sport played with others) stems from your competitive Pook nature 😉

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