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Board Game Fame – Battleship The Movie

Battleship – before it was about love and aliens


I read an interesting article on the Bloomberg Businessweek website about board games and movies called “Hasbro Board Games go to the Movies”.  The article is a quick take on the new Battleship movie, and it’s (hopeful) franchise potential. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

I personally believe that games should stand on their own accord, and that it’s untrue that people would rather “slice and dice flying fruit on an iPhone” than play a good board game that is fun, engaging and can be played again and again. iPhone games are usually played individually, or more passively (sometimes it takes days for me to respond to a Draw Something nudge), and often as a last resort when the bus is late and there’s really nothing else to do. If a game doesn’t stand on it’s own two feet then maybe it’s not iPhones that are the problem, but the games themselves.

The way we play and interact with each other is definitely changing, I don’t think a well designed game is, or should be, threatened by online and mobile games. A good board game is purposeful, engaging and offers a level of fun and stimulation that people can’t get from other sources.  If a game needs a 200 million dollar film to get people to play it, then maybe that money could have been better spent creating a new game, or updating the old one to make it more enjoyable? As far as I know, Settlers of Catan doesn’t have a movie in the making (although, according to the Huffington Post it is a book…) but it’s still a widely popular game with a dedicated following.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of a good (I said good) summer blockbuster, but I don’t think that films should be created with the purpose of selling games. Nor do I think that a game worth it’s salt requires a movie with 2 hours of high tech explosions with a love story on the side. It feels forced that a “love story…set against the backdrop of a seaborne alien invasion” has anything to do with sinking your opponent’s navy fleet with pegs in a grid. I like board games, and I like movies but this whole thing kind of has the feeling of trying to fit a round, red peg into a square hole.

By Guest Blogger: Krista


One comment on “Board Game Fame – Battleship The Movie

  1. cabbagegames
    May 25, 2012

    I love the game Battleship (though I always thought it was plural) almost as much as I love Mastermind. They are certainly different from modern, German-style group board games but there is a certain amount of achievement in out-thinking (or lucking out over) your opponent. Battleship(s) the movie is really very unrelated to the basic game that we used to play at the beach, but I’m sure everyone involved got a lot of money from the deal that allowed an explosion movie to be named after a gentle but classic game.

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