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Spiel Essen 2012 – Day Two


Busy Kingdom Builder Booth

As promised, to my readers and myself, the first thing I did on my second day at Spiel was get in line to play the Spiel des Jahres winner, Kingdom Builder. It was only a short wait until we managed to get a seat at an open table and had a quick demonstration shown to us. I could tell right away why it was a Spiel des Jahres winner, or at least why I really enjoyed the game and would recommend it as a must own for your own board game shelf.

Krista and I playing Kingdom Builder

Like the creator’s previous game, Dominion, there is lots of room for re-playability. Players start off the game by choosing 4 of 8 different terrain squares and combing them to make the game board.  Each of these separate terrain squares has it’s own special location tiles that add extra actions on a players turn, if they manage to claim them. This means that there’s a large number of boards that can begin the game, so players don’t get too good or bored of the game too quickly. The points system is also based on 3 out of 10 possible cards, adding to the diversity and re-playablility. The game was simple to learn, and although we had lots of room for strategic development (already our second game was higher scored than the first), it was easy to dive in right away. I purchased Kingdom Builder and look forward to playing it more.

Kingdom Builder board at the end of the game.

After this we played Kingdom Builder, we checked out a game called Escape! Curse of the Temple. This was a surprisingly fun, real time, cooperative game where players are trying to well, escape the cursed Temple.  1 to 5 players rush to escape the curse temple before it collapses on them. The way to escape is by rolling the right combination of symbols with the dice to correspond with the symbols on the squares that make the pathway. Everyone rolls frantically at the same time with their own set of dice, but combinations can be made co-operatively. In the background a C.D. plays drum and jungle sounds to pump your adrenaline, and acts as a 10 minute timer. When the C.D. finishes, the game is over and if the team is out of the Temple, then the game is won. We played two games with a Dutch couple and couldn’t win once, but we had great fun both times.

Laura rolling during our game of Escape!

The only other game we played today was 7 Wonders, which was fun enough that Laura, my sister-in-law, is thinking about purchasing it tomorrow.

We sat down at the extra-large version of 7 Wonders.

The rest of our day was spent eating delicious ice cream (I had two types of sprinkles – chocolate mint and forest berry), wandering around, and looking at used game shops. Krista found a game she’s been looking for since Origins called Keythedrals. It’s out of print, but sometimes they’re for sale at the used game booths. This time, however, it was a special edition and just a bit too expensive to be worth buying, but it gave Krista hope to keep looking.

Tomorrow we’ll be joined at the fair by David, Laura’s husband, and we’re going to tackle the line ups to play Village (recommended by the people we played Kingdom Builder with) and possibly Vegas, which was one of the runners up for the Spiel des Jahres award this year.

Having fun at the Escape booth.


One comment on “Spiel Essen 2012 – Day Two

  1. Cheryl
    October 22, 2012

    Cooperative games are the best! I fondly remember Save the Princess.

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