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Ticket to Ride Europe Edition Free!

Ticket to Ride Europe

Our current location, Brugge, is not on this map. But I still find it fitting to our lives right now.

One of my favourite ways to pass time, and by pass time I mean waste it, is my iPhone Game for Ticket to Ride Pocket Edition. I picked it up for free a few months back, and have been addicted to it ever since. It’s fun to play alone, and as a play and pass game. It has different challenges and opponents that are great for replayability. It’s really just as good as the board game Ticket to Ride.

This weekend the Ticket to Ride Europe iPhone Game is free on the App Store! It seems fitting in our lives, as we head in to our 44th day of our European trip. I installed it as soon as I saw it and I’m looking forward to playing it on our 8.25 hour (yikes!) train ride to Munich on Tuesday. How meta.

You can find the game by searching the Top Free Games. Ticket to Ride Europe is a bit more complex than the Pocket Edition, as it is the version that saw the addition of ferries, tunnels and stations. The tutorial does a great job of explaining how to play, although I don’t necessarily agree with it’s strategies (the tutorial is more risk adverse when it comes to Destination Cards than I am).

The iPhone editions of Ticket to Ride do a great job of translating the board game to digital game. I would highly suggest downloading it while it’s free.

Enjoy and happy travels!

Playing Ticket to Ride on a train.


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