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Back in Canada!

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a post here.

We’re back in Vancouver now, but we had an amazing trip to Europe this winter. We ended up visiting 8 countries in just over three months. We got to spend Christmas with my sister and her husband and played a lot of board games. We even had to pay for extra luggage to bring home all the games we bought.

We even found some board games in the museums we visited.

We found some board games in the museums we visited.

We returned to Canada in January, and have been spreading the Kingdom Builder love whenever we can.

Justin enjoying our cochette, blissfully unaware of the ferry ride to come.

Glad to be home sleeping in our own bed again.

The big news this year is that Justin will get to use someone else as an excuse to expand is board game collection. We’re expecting our first child in August, and Justin has already begun to shop for games for kids. I don’t think he realizes how long it will be before we’re playing any three player games…

Now that we’re back home to our beloved board game collections, we’ll be able to resume reviewing and hopefully have another tournament soon!



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