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Spreading the love of board games one meeple at a time

Word Play

Glossary of Terms

Card-based Game – A game in which game play consists entirely, or nearly entirely, of the use of a deck or decks of cards.

CCG – Collectible Card Game. Games where players build decks and continue adding to the game by purchasing more cards as they are released by the company. Common CCGs are Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering.

Co-operative Board Game – A game in which players work together to win (or lose) the game.

Days of Wonder – Board game publishing company best known for Ticket To Ride and Smallworld.

FLGS – Friendly Local Game Store.

Gateway Game – A game that is easy to teach and fun to play and is used to introduce people to board games as a hobby.

LARP – Live Action Role Play. A live game where players dress up in costume and act out scenarios, and adventures.

Mayfair Games – Board game publishing company best known for being the English language publisher of Settlers of Catan.

Meeple – Human like figurine that represents you in a game.

OLGS – Online Game Store.

Rio Grande Games – Board game company that produces and publishes their own games, as well as English language versions of popular games including: Dominion, Stone Age, Carcassonne and Puerto Rico.

RPG – Role Playing Game.

Spiel – Internationale Spieltage in Essen, German is the world’s biggest consumer fair for gaming. See their English website here.

Spiel des Jahres – Translated from German as “Game of the Year,” Spiel is an independent award given annually to excellence in German board game design. See the archive of winners here.


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